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The newest generation tissue stabilizer Flexilis demonstrates an durable, flexible and reachable commitment to the cardiac surgeon. With more features like

reachability, stability, flexibility, and a lower profile with low weight. Stabilizer provides Adoptable transparent suction pods according to anatomy.

Procedure Guide With Video

  • Simple Clam Design Allow Surgeon To Clam With Single Clamp Lock Holds Chest Retractor With Stable Base.
  • Decrement Size Arm Will Improve Visibility And Stability To Hold Tissue.
  • Two, Three & Four Cup Optional Suction Pods Will Prove Selection Of Pods To Surgeon To Reduce Tissue Damage For Minimal Target Patients.
  • Reduced Head And Optimized Arm Design Reduced Load On Chest.
  • Thin Flexible Polymer Embedded Ss-Tubes Suction Pods Will Allow Surgeon To Manipulate According To Anatomical Structure.
  • Thin Transparent Polymer Suction Pods Will Give Good Visibility To Holding Tissue.
  • Single Kink Resistive Tube Will Reduce Abstraction.
  • Rigid, Multi-Material Arm Reduces Movement At The Anastomotic Site.
  • Innovative Detrimental Arm Profile Which Gives More Visibility Reduced Head And Optimized Arm Design Reduced Load On Chest.
  • Metal And Polymer Combination Arm Design Provide More Flexibility. Malleable Transparent Pods Will Give Surgeon To Control According To Anatomical Structure.
  • Optimized Length With Flexible Low Profile Will Support For All Types Of Anatomies.
  • Radius Pivots Will Allow Surgeon To Take 360 Deg Angular Motion To Position Pods.


Feel Smoothness Throughout The Procedure


Introducer Sheaths Are To Be Inserted Percutaneously Into A Vessel To Facilitate The Entire Interventional Procedure To Avoid Blood Loss.


Transparent Sheath For Blood Backflow Visibility. Colour Coded HUBs For Easy Identification.


Ultra Thin wall Will Reduce Post Procedure Hemo Stasis Risk

Ordering Information

  • Tapering Design At The Tip Of The Sheath And Dilator To Minimize The Gap And To Provide Smooth Insertion.
  • Smooth Sheath To Dilator Transition Will Minimize Risk Of Spasm During Procedures.
  • Valve With Angular Semi Cut Effectively Protects Against Back Flow Of Blood And Air Aspiration.
  • Thin Radiopaque Flexible Kink Resistive Sheath Will Be Easy To Insert Into The Puncture Site.
  • Wide Variety Of Sheaths From 4 – 7Fr Sheaths, 6cm,8cm,11cm And 25 Cm Lengths.
  • Targeted Hydrophilic Coating Will Allow For Better Pushability And Decrease Risk Of Spasm.
  • Perform Diagnostic And Interventional Procedures Without Changing To A Larger Sheath.
  • Ultra Thin Wall With Good Radial Strength Will Allow For Sheaths With Smaller Outer Diameters But With The Requisite Kink Resistance.
  • A Sheath With Less Wall Thickness Will Reduces Post-Procedure Haemostasis Risks
Haemostatic valve smoothness comparison
  • Superior Kink Resistive Sheath Flexible To Move On Guide Wire And Take Shape In Tortuous And Scare Tissues.
  • Angled And Tapered Tip Insures Smooth Transition Of The Introducer As It Crosses The Miniguide wire Into The Artery During Initial Insertion.
  • Transparent Sheath For Blood Back Flow Visibility.
  • Available In Different Lengths That Is Applicable For Different Anatomies.
  • 6,8 Cm(4 Fr/5Fr) = Brachial & Pediatric.
  • 11cm = Standard Length.
  • 23cm = Mid-Length.
Haemostatic valve smoothness comparison