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Our Infrastructure – Infographic content

3000 Sft.
Designated R&D Space
2000 Sft.
Clean Room
Clean Room Specifications
252 Sft.
Post clean room processes
  • We are equipped with various medical device manufacturing equipment which include but not limited to
  • We are equipped to manufacture various medical devices and lab instruments :
    • Injection Moulding
    • Polymer and metal welding
    • Extrusion
    • Tipping
    • Packing
    • Labelling

Design and Development

  • Converting an idea or concept into Engineering drawings
  • Transforming drawings and simulations



  • Conversion of drawings and simulations into a functioning prototype
  • Crystallizing the different technical specifications for the prototype from the concept stage
  • Identification of the ideal components to meet the specifications
  • Fabrication of the components through their different iterative stages
  • Technical Negotiation with vendors to identify the best fit for the components required
  • Final assembly of the Prototype

Testing and Validation

  • Rigorous testing to validate the functioning of the prototype
  • Preparation of custom equipment to aid us in product testing


  • Design transfer to transform a prototype into a packaged product for the market
  • Quality Management System development to maintain Quality of the manufactured product
  • Preparation of SOPs, Work Instruction, Batch Manufacturing Records to maintain manufacturing quality, reproducibility and traceability
  • Packing Design and Fabrication
  • Customized Process Equipment
  • Contract Manufacturing of sterile and unsterile products

Regulatory Support

  • We are also experienced in Document Management to prepare regulatory documents to meet the different licensing requirements
  • We have expertise in the end to end regulatory filings across the life cycle of a new product – from concept, risk management to post market surveillance

Our Projects

Myocardial Stabilizer

Used in Off Pump CABG Surgery , to stabilize an area of the heart to enable graft suturing


Product Realised in 1.5yrs

Introducer Sheaths

Used in percutaneous interventional procedures to enable access to the arterial system while preventing bleeding at the access site


Product Realised in 1.5yrs

Mist blower

Used in Cardiac Surgeries to deliver a mist of Carbon dioxide to the target site to maintain haemostasis at the surgical site


Product Realisation targeted for 6 months

Nasal Drug Delivery System

Used to deliver Ayurveda formulation into the nasal cavity to treat Rhinitis, Sinusitis, etc.


Product realised in 4 months

Sickle Cell Detection System

Used for diagnosis and screening of Patients suffering from Sickle Cell Disease


Product Realisation targeted for 6 months

15000rpm Refrigerated Centrifuge

Used in molecular diagnostic and research


Project completed in 8 months

Magnetic Bead Extraction Vial Block

Consumable used in the extraction of DNA/RNA from patient sample


Product Realised in 2 months

Platelet Rich Plasma Extraction Centrifuge

Used to extract Platelet Rich Plasma from Blood sample


Project completed in 2 months

Mini Centrifuge

Laboratory instrument


Product realised in 3 months